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The Piggyback Acorn (Chapter 1-5: Maiden Quest)

Maiden QuestQ'uonan moves slowly in the dark, pulling his knees high to gain better traction over pokey spidergrass and murky puddles. 

WOODBERRY: "Do you know where you're going? It feels like we've been wandering for hours." Q'UONAN: "It is said this land is cursed... Perhaps the wood changes shape to lead men in circles. For many days and nights, I have encountered no one." WOODBERRY: "I see humans all the time. Granted they aren't always alive, but they're... y'know, fresh." Q'UONAN: "..." WOODBERRY: "Maybe they're hiding? You look pretty scary with that axe on your back, after all. Used to swinging it around?" Q'UONAN: "...It is specialty of my people." WOODBERRY: "That's good. I'm pretty good at hiding, myself. You could say that's the specialty of my ."
A twig snaps ten meters away, behind thick brush.
WOODBERRY: "Eep!" Q'UONAN: "Be no fear, Wood-D…

The Piggyback Acorn (Chapter 1-4: Hero Acquisition)

Hero AcquisitionWoodberry dips through a light forest, huffing with every inconsistent beat of her wings.
WOODBERRY: "Oof! Good thing I didn't take a bite out of you earlier! I would've been too full to fly back home." NUGGET: "I apologize for being so cumbersome." WOODBERRY: "It's fine. I've got to lose a few anyway. Ah! Finally! Look over there! It's a big'un, all by himself!” ACORN:"Hm?" WOODBERRY: "Leave this to me!"
She flutters toward a sweaty, half-naked human taking sluggish footsteps through a thicket.
WOODBERRY:"S'cuse me! Hi!"
The man's head darts upward, looking in all directions. He pulls a heavy, two-sided axe from a strap around his back so hurriedly, it almost flies from his hands.

WOODBERRY:"Yes, you!"
Fixing his gaze on the Faerie, the man's eyes widen. He grips his axe even tighter. Glowing dust falls from Woodberry's wings as she stabilizes herself in mid-air.

MAN: "…

The Piggyback Acorn (Chapter 1-3: Woodberry)

WoodberryA circular lid is pulled from our field of vision, revealing a blinding light. A gigantic figure appears, out of focus, leaning towards us. Its voice is like an earthquake.

GIANT: "Whaaaaaaaaa!!! There's a prize inside!"
We reach out with our will, attempting to speak.
???: "...Inside... what...?" GIANT: "Omigosh, are you a spirit? I love you guys!" ???: "...Where... am I?" GIANT: "Inside an ACORN, of course! I almost ate your house - sorry about that!"
The sound of wet leaves shuffling. 
GIANT: "...Hey, could you hold on for a sec? My mouth is watering, and there's a ripe plumper right over there that's begging to have some teeth sunk into it. Be right back!" 
The Giant moves out of view. Shafts and sparkles of light dance between distant trees. It seems we're looking upward. Nearby, we hear a startling pop. The thunderous monster returns into view.
GIANT: "No prize in this one. Only juicy, savory meat.&…

The Piggyback Acorn (Chapter 1-2: The Recurring Vision)

Name Entry A stained, curled sheet of parchment rests next to an inkwell and feather pen. Nearby, a set of candles melt wax on to a wooden table top. At this time, the audience would be asked to enter some information:

QUESTION 1: Please share your first name. QUESTION 2: What is your age? QUESTION 3: If fate conspired to birth you thus, would you be a Righteous King, or a Benevolent Queen?
The Reader answers these questions in a manner of their choosing. 
NARRATION:Is this information true?
In this version of our story, the information written is: King Innocente Betthencourt, age 19. When the Reader verifies their entry, the light of the candle fades away, leaving only a wisp of smoke. 
Then, we hear the sound of bells ringing from a distant tower... The Recurring VisionThe silhouettes of cathedrals, mansions, and castles rest on a hill overlooking a vast city. One evening, from a great height, it appears that half the buildings are being devoured by flames. Deep plumes of smoke glow red, …