The Piggyback Acorn (Chapter 1-4: Hero Acquisition)

Hero Acquisition

Woodberry dips through a light forest, huffing with every inconsistent beat of her wings.

WOODBERRY: "Oof! Good thing I didn't take a bite out of you earlier! I would've been too full to fly back home."
NUGGET: "I apologize for being so cumbersome."
WOODBERRY: "It's fine. I've got to lose a few anyway. Ah! Finally! Look over there! It's a big'un, all by himself!”
ACORN: "Hm?"
WOODBERRY: "Leave this to me!"

She flutters toward a sweaty, half-naked human taking sluggish footsteps through a thicket.

WOODBERRY: "S'cuse me! Hi!"

The man's head darts upward, looking in all directions. He pulls a heavy, two-sided axe from a strap around his back so hurriedly, it almost flies from his hands.

WOODBERRY: "Yes, you!"

Fixing his gaze on the Faerie, the man's eyes widen. He grips his axe even tighter. Glowing dust falls from Woodberry's wings as she stabilizes herself in mid-air.

MAN: "Gods... so it is true... this land is full of secrets...!" 
WOODBERRY: "What do you mean? It's no secret how cute we daughters of the wood are."
MAN:  "Are... you - is this... an omen?"
MAN: "Do you carry a message, daughter of the wood? A message for Q'uonan?"
WOODBERRY: "...Yes. Um... yes, indeed. Have you heard of the Ancient Guardian Faeries?"
Q'UONAN: "...I have not."
WOODBERRY: "Well hecks, isn't this a lucky - or rather, um, pre-destined - day for you, then! 'Cause I'm one of those very same Guardian Faeries. Q'uonan is your name? My revered mother, the Faerie Queen, endowed me with the name Woodberry." 
Q'UONAN: "By Zudin... is this really happening...?"
WOODBERRY: "Of course, silly! And... as fate demands, I've been flying around all day looking for a special someone to pass my blessings onto."

Q'uonan lowers his axe and raises both hands at Woodberry, palms facing forward. His fingers tremble.

Q'UONAN: "Please, do this thing."
WOODBERRY: "M-well, I'm super duper tired... I'd gladly reward a strong, tall adventurer with the guidance and wisdom of the woods... in exchange for, say, a shoulder to rest on?"
Q'UONAN: "Ho! Q'uonan has two shoulders!"
WOODBERRY: "You do, don't you? Big ones, too."
Q'UONAN: "Please, rest as long as you wish."
WOODBERRY: "Hee hee, don't mind if I do!" 

Q'uonan straightens his posture, raising his chin to the sky. Woodberry flutters onto the human's shoulder.

WOODBERRY: "(Eew… it’s clammy...) Hey, don't worry if you hear me talking to myself from time to time, okay?  We Faeries are benevolent creatures, but we keep lots of secrets. For your own sake, it’s best you remain blissfully unaware. I’ve heard that mortals’ brains can explode when exposed to the kind of knowledge I’m packing.”
Q’UONAN: “As you wish, daughter of the wood.”
WOODBERRY: “(Heh… I can get used to this.)"
Q’UONAN: “Q’uonan has been through many fearsome trials until this time. Very much am look forward to your blessing!”
WOODBERRY: “Oh! Right. Um… Hereby and thus… I give you the boon of the forest.”

Woodberry rubs her rear end side to side. A soft cloud of glowing dust sprinkles about.

WOODBERRY: “There. It should last until your next bath.”
Q’UONAN: “Yes… Yes! I can feel the power swelling inside mine breast!”
WOODBERRY: “Great. Hey, do you happen to have any room for my luggage? It’s only an Acorn; nothing at all, I’m sure, for someone of your heft.”
NUGGET: “Wait! I perceive this brute is wearing virtually nothing except a loincloth.”
WOODBERRY: “You can keep it in your loincloth.”
NUGGET: “Woodberry!”
Q’UONAN: “Nay, I posess only one satchel for objects of great value.”
WOODBERRY: “Aw… all right, I guess that’ll do.”
NUGGET: “I’ve changed my mind! I want fresh air, please.”
WOODBERRY: “(But you don’t breathe, silly!)”
Q’UONAN: “Hm? What is this you whisper, daughter of the wood?”
WOODBERRY: “Nothing! Just talking to myself! Giddyap!”

Q’uonan secures the axe around his left shoulder and resumes a tip-toed pace through a bed of brambles. Thus, with the companionship of cheerful Woodberry and her “Horsie”, you hope to make sense of your recurring vision. Who are you? How have you ended up as an Acorn? Who will you meet along your path, and what secrets will you discover? With patience and determination burning in your soul, you feel confident that answers will come. 

- - -
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  1. Woodberry is sassy! Rofl to deliberate loincloth attempt.

    That picture of the trio showing scale and relating to each other is the bee's knees.


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